We keep our grooming prices quite simple.

We are an all-breed Pet Grooming Salon. We know all of the grooming standards for every breed.We strive to work with the customer for what service is best for their pet.

We have a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and other products for all skin issues and coat types. We have used the Espree line which is made with all natural ingredients and no parabens since day one in 1997.

We have no hidden charges and do not have fancy, complicated grooming packages, unlike other grooming shops. Our pricing is determined per dog based on the job that needs to be done.

Please call Petstyles for pricing information.

We are open Mon.-Sat. and have evening hours. We do work by appointments, so we might not open and close the same time everyday. We will let you know when you book your appointment what our hours are for that day.

We welcome walk-ins for nail trims, priced at $10. Just give us a call to make sure someone will be available.